Who is running this show anyways?
Tribal Hearth (tribalhearth.com) is an organization of volunteers and like-minded individuals, striving to fulfill a common purpose of providing a safe place for persons of polytheistic spiritualities to celebrate and share together on sacred communal land. The guiding force of the group is the tribal council, comprised of nine directors of varying faiths and from all walks of life. Collectively they have over 100 years of experience directly related to the management and administration of festivals and other public events. (…read more)

When is The Festival?
February 17-20, 2017

Can I bring pets?
Unfortunately, we do not allow pets on site, the only exceptions are seeing eye dogs or by special consideration (i.e. compassionate allowance) of the Tribal council

Can I Come for One Day?
As a general rule, we don’t offer Day Passes for our events.

Do I need to pre-register?
YES! As there are a limited amount of beds to go around, we ask that everyone pre-register to ensure everyone has a place to lay their heads at the end of the day. We would hate for someone to drive a distance and not get a bed.

How Do I Make Payment?
Payments can be made through PayPal or certified cheque.
Certified cheques should be made out to TRIBAL HEARTH LTD.
and should be mailed to:
Tribal Hearth
591 Grosvenor St.
London, ON N5Y 3T2
Cheques must be post-dated no later than January 17th, 2017, or your registration will be considered invalid.

How Do I Register?
Once registration becomes open to the public, you can register through the form on the website.

Are children welcome?
This is a family event. Children are most certainly welcome. Although, because of the lack of beds we ask that small children bunk with older siblings or parents. It cold, snuggle up! Please keep in mind that all children in your care are your responsibility. We do not provide childcare. Although, all child friendly workshops and events will be clearly marked in your programs. Children found unattended or disrupting any of the workshops will be fed straight white sugar.

NOTE TO PARENTS: Children under the age of 10 MUST be supervised by a parent, legal guardian or sitter at ALL times. It is not permitted to allow your children to run wild on the site. Please be responsible.

Nudity Restrictions?
We follow in accordance with Ontario Laws. Nudity is permitted after 11pm and is restricted to the revel fire. However do keep in mind that it is winter, so please be careful not to get frost bite.

What About Food?
Our event is being catered by one from our own community. Meal passes can be purchased with your registration. We will be offering meat and vegetarian options.

What are the Rules & Regulations?

What about my Garbage?
There are bins on site. We just ask that you dispose of the garbage from your room in the bins provided as you leave the festival.

What is The Cost to Attend?
Prices will be announced once pre-registration opens. Babes in arms are free.
All prices are subject to HST.

Are there showers available?
Yes, shower facilities are available.

Is there a place to cook food for those without a meal pass?
Currently, there are no facilites for personal cooking during the winter festival. We will be providing a microwave that can be used if you have need. If you’d prefer to eat off site, there are restaurants in Alliston and Orangeville (both about 1/2 hour away)

Outdoor fire pits? We ask that you don’t dig a new fire pit anywhere on site but you are welcome to bring a fire bowl.

Security on site? We want to ensure the safety of all of our festival goers. If you have any security concerns, please inform any staff member of Northern Lights.

What Should I Bring?
The most important thing to bring is common sense. It’s winter, so pack accordingly. Here’s a list to help you along:

bedding pillow winter coat
snow pants boots socks
long underwear mitts hats
scarf toothbrushes toothpaste
medication slippers instrument for the Ceilidh

Will there be vending?
As we have limited space, folks are welcome to bring a few wares for sale but be prepared to move them if we need to use the area. Please, keep in mind that you are responsible for the care and safety of your own items.

Who do I make certified cheques out too, and where do I send them?
Please make all certified cheques out to:
Tribal Hearth
591 Grosvenor St.
London, ON N5Y 3T2