The Rules

  1. All laws of Canada and the Province of Ontario apply to those attending the Festival, as well as the rules of the venue.
  2. No illegal substances or firearms.
  3. Anyone putting the safety or well-being of others at risk, creating a hazard to the site or creating a situation that could have a potentially hazardous outcome will be asked to leave the Festival without refund.
  4. No sexually aggressive or inappropriate behaviour will be tolerated.
  5. No underage drinking of alcohol is permitted.
  6. Parents are responsible for their children (under the age of 18) at all times. Parents who do not, in the opinion of the Festival organizers, exercise good parental care of their children will be asked to leave without refund. Children under 10 must be supervised at all times.
  7. Pets are not allowed on the site, with the exception of service / assistance animals or with the express prior permission of the festival organizers
  8. Video cameras are not permitted on site. It is also not permitted to photograph anyone, including people in the background, without their prior consent. This includes rituals and group shots. Please be advised that offenders will have the video or photo(s) erased and may be asked to leave the Festival. This includes camera phones and laptops.
  9. Smoking is strictly forbidden in all cabins, buildings and the children’s area(s).
  10. No electrically amplified musical instruments, radios, etc. may be used on the site except by the discretion of the festival organizers.
  11. Skyclad is not permitted on the site. Besides its cold, protect your important bits.
  12. No littering. Use the butt cans and garbage bins provided.
  13. No digging new fire pits or collecting vegetation for fires. There will be a main fire pit to warm yourselves on.
  14. Anyone deciding to violate these rules will be expelled without refund.


Our events are run by volunteers who are willingly donating their time for the enrichment of all our lives. If you have any questions or concerns with the event proceedings, please take an active role in enriching our community by volunteering your own time to provide a better solution to the problem. Identifying an issue is only the beginning. Magic isn’t the process of ‘wishing’ – it’s about taking an active role in shaping the world around us. It’s up to all of us to make our gatherings truly special.


Unfortunately, admission prices are necessary in order to cover the basic costs of supporting such an event. The other necessity are the volunteers. We couldn’t do this without you. So, don’t forget to sign up for your shift and do your part to make this festival a community-driven success!!


While the safety and welfare of all of our friends is of paramount importance, we also strongly value liberty and personal accountability. If you have special needs or unique health concerns, our volunteers are willing to assist in any they can. However, your welfare and safety ultimately rest in your own hands, so please prepare accordingly.

“A long time ago a bunch of people reached a general consensus as to what’s real and what’s not
and most of us have been going along with it ever since.”
— Charles de Lint